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    Our E-Waste Collection delivered 5000+ fresh meals


Recycle your old technology with qbox

Here at qbox, we are making great strides to better understand and improve our material, social and environmental footprint. Waste management has become a key focus and we were thrilled to partner up with PonyUp for Good in October to collect your retired and end-of-life technology and turn it into meals for people in need.

We collected a massive 1100 kilos of electronics! At qbox HQ, we assessed, securely data wiped all tech and donated it to PonyUp for Good. PonyUp for Good remarketed it as much as possible, keeping it out of landfill and extending its life.

61.8% of the technology was reused, which resulted in 5256 fresh meals donated to SecondBite. We are incredibly proud of this outcome and hope you are too! The remaining items were recycled with up to 95% diversion from landfill ensuring that the materials will be used for new products.

PonyUp for Good is a Social Enterprise, providing e-waste sustainability services & community impact outcomes for some of Australia’s biggest & most innovative businesses. PonyUp donate 50% of their profits to the wonderful work of SecondBite, who are Australia’s largest fresh food rescue charity. Last year they rescued 24 million kilos of food from ending up in landfill and turned it into 48 million meals for people on the front line of food poverty.

IT Service, E-Waste
  • IT Service, E-Waste
  • IT Service, E-Waste

50% of PonyUp’s profits are donated to SecondBite, Australia’s fresh food crusaders, who last year, rescued 19.4 million kilograms of fresh food and redistributed it to over 1400 food programs nationally. That’s over 104,000 healthy meals a day.