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You leave feedback - We plant a tree

We understand you are busy and that an optional feedback survey is the last thing on your priority list – but we would like to make it worthy of your time.

We promise to plant a tree for every piece of written feedback received. Planting trees helps return healthy, sustainable & indigenous ecosystems to our landscape.

Plant a Tree Program

Australia’s most ambitious regeneration project

The program we will be contributing to is restoring the natural landscape and reconnecting habitats by linking small patches of remaining vegetation to create a 200km green corridor from inland to the western coast. They grow critical habitats for native wildlife on historically cleared land in a Global Biodiversity Hotspot.

As this project grows we will update this page with our progress.


Your impact

  • 100 trees – Contributing to a sustainable future
  • 300 trees – Creating homes for native Australian wildlife
  • 500 trees – Helping to restore biodiversity
  • 1000 trees – Growing the largest carbon sink in Australia


You can either leave feedback in the form below or if you would like to give ticket-specific feedback you can do so by clicking the smiley faces in your ticket closure email from the Support team. This will submit a rating and then there is an opportunity to leave optional written feedback adding a tree to our landscape. 

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Thank you for your time – we really appreciate it.