Financial Year 2022

Our Sustainability Principles

These principles guide our approach to sustainability as a business and act as the anchor for all our impact initiatives and targets.

Proactivity – we are proactive about taking action on sustainability to reduce our environmental impact ahead of any future government regulation and/or other external drivers and pressures.

Practicality – while we seek to be ambitious about the opportunities ahead of us to reduce our environmental impact, we are realistic about what we can achieve in different timeframes and want to make sure our sustainability goals are attainable.

Growth – we are creative-thinkers and always look for ways to do things differently by testing new ideas and ways of working.

Responsibility – we do the right thing, because it is our responsibility to do so by future generations and the wider community.

Our Sustainability Principles

We are currently working towards SDG’s 8, 12 and 13

Our Sustainability Principles
Our Commitments

Our Commitments

FY22 GHG emissions baseline (scope 1, scope 2 and scope 3 emissions)

  • our current impact 59.80 Tco2-E
  • Achieve a 10% reduction by FY24 against our FY22 base year.

High-quality carbon offsets purchased to cover 100% of our annual emissions

  • 70 tonnes purchased
  • Maintain purchasing offsets to cover 100% of emissions.

Volume of E-Waste diverted from landfill

  • As of January 2023 we have diverted 1,110kg from landfil
  • Increase this by 15% by the end of FY23

Number of meals donated to SecondBite through our PonyUp for Good partnership

  • 5,256
  • Increase this by 15% by the end of FY23.

FY 2022 Highlights 


  • We collected 1100kg of retired and decommissioned technology from our customers and cleaned out a few of our own cupboards. 61.8% of the technology was reused, which resulted in 5256 fresh meals donated to SecondBite. The remaining items were recycled with up to 95% diversion from landfill ensuring that the materials will be used for new products. For more information on this project click here
  • We implemented a tree-planting program with with Carbon Neutral in exchange for customer feedback. Customer satisfaction is incredibly important to us and we promise to plant a tree for every piece of written feedback received. So far we have planted 23 trees and we know we can do better! You can learn more or leave us feedback here
  •  We submitted our BCorp Impact Assessment and are currently working through the verification process.  
  • We have partnered with McCormack for an e-waste collection campaign to gather devices for The Lighthouse Foundation, helping them to continue providing vulnerable young children who are homeless, or at risk of homelessness, with the care and support they need to heal, thrive and achieve a lifelong sense of belonging.
FY 2022 Highlights
FY 2023 Initiatives

FY 2023 Initiatives


  • Continue our partnership with social enterprise PonyUp for Good to ensure that our and our customers’ e-waste is managed safely and diverted from landfills
  • Continue to plant trees with our partner Carbon Neutral and reach our goal of 409 trees planted
  • Implementing a robust recycling and waste management solution for qbox HQ
  • Collaborating with local charitable organisations, particularly those in need of second-hand computers. We look forward to sharing more on this with you very soon!